Are you interested in programming? Would you like to put your skills to the test? ACM AUTh invites you to participate in Days of Coding! A series of programming puzzles and challenges is waiting for you to compete along with your team in order to win an unforgettable experience at an escape room of your choice, thanks to our sponsor Enigma escape rooms! What to expect?

  • Every day for a week you will be given a brand new challenge, on the solution of which you’ll be graded.
  • There’ll be an optional event in the Aristotle University Campus on day 1, where you’ll get to meet the rest of the participants and be briefed on how the event works.

On the event, you may participate on your own, or in a team of up to four (4) people. In case you’d like to meet and cooperate with new people, we’d be glad to pair you up! All languages are in! You’re invited to work with whatever programming language you’d like and solve the problems which have been designed to be approachable for all! The competition will take place online, within Discord. The only things you’ll need are a computer, an internet connection and a craving for coding! More information will be sent your way after completing the registration form. See you there!

Date: 06-15/05/2022

Location: Discord (More information will be sent via email to the signed-up participants.)

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