ACM AUTH Student Chapter, in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science of AUTh, organizes the “MLH Local Hack Day” for the year 2016. Local Hack Day is a mini-hackathon lasting 12 hours on university campuses around the world that brings together the local developer community to create amazing applications. Along with the event, students from other universities around the world will organize their own Local Hack Day. During the event, there will be live streams, technology presentations, and fun activities through which you can meet developers from the local and global tech community!

Don’t forget to bring your laptop!


09.00-10.30 Check-ins, coffee and chat, Hackathon introduction

10.30-11.15 Short Introduction to Git

11.30-12.30 Python/Flask Presentation and Hands on

12.30-13.00 Brainstorming, project ideas and team creation

13.00-14.00 Coding

14.00-14.30 Pizza Break, an offer by

14.30-19.00 Coding

19.00-21.00 Project presentations and discussion

Date: 3/12/2016
Time: 9a.m. GMT+2
Location: Building of Biology: Mezzanine

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